Connection and mounting techno­logy

Wide range of connection and mounting technology for exhaust systems

We offer you a wide range of connection and mounting technology solutions that are compatible with our product port­fo­lio. These solutions in­clude pipes sold by the metre, rain flaps, end pipes, a va­rie­ty of flange, belt and bolt clamps as well as v-belt connections. Furthermore, our ran­­­ge includes flange connections as fix­ed or lap joint flanges pre-as­sem­bled on pipes including heat-resistant gaskets.

We also offer mounts for silencers of all sizes, console clamps and vibration dam­pers.

You can find a complete overview in our Connection and Mounting Technology catalogue. We are happy to send you a copy of this catalogue up­on request.


  • A wide range of high-quality flex pipes and expansion joints
  • Optimal decoupling from engine vi­­bra­­tions
  • Individual assembly with welding ends, v-belts, clamps or flanges
  • Direct integration into your TEHAG pipe/exhaust system
  • Counterpressure-optimised solutions with inlays
  • Available in steel, galvanised steel, or a variety of stainless-steel qualities
  • Fast delivery with excellent terms
Wide range of high quality flexible tubes and expansion joints
Individually designed exhaust pipe with compensator

Flexible connections

We offer a wide range of flex pipes in dif­ferent steel and stainless-steel qua­li­ties, sold either by the metre or pre-as­sem­bled with wel­ding ends, v-belt con­nec­tions or flan­ges, that allow you to de­coup­le your exhaust system from en­gine vibration and os­cil­la­tion. When cor­rectly integrated into the exhaust sys­tem, these flex pipes ab­sorb ax­ial, lateral and an­gu­­lar movements extremely well.

To compensate for the thermal ex­pan­­sion of exhaust pipes and cool­ant lines, we al­so offer a wide range of bel­lows ex­pan­sion joints with and with­out inlay or woven fa­bric. We can al­so deliver the­se components fully pre-assembled with welding ends, v-belt con­nec­tions or flan­ges.

For more information, see our range of pipes.



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