From turbo flange to rain flap


As a system supplier for complete ex­haust systems, we are happy to supply you with the necessary pipes for the in­te­gra­tion of our ex­haust purification pro­ducts and silencers. We have the tech­ni­cal capability to pre-assemble entire ex­haust pipe systems, from turbo flange to rain flap, in accordance with your spe­ci­fi­ca­tions and de­liver them to you as ready-to-install components.

Naturally, we are also happy to pre-as­semble pipes for inter­cool­ers, coolant circuits or fuel supply lines.

Individually designed exhaust pipe
Individually designed exhaust pipe with compensator



  • Individual assembly of exhaust pipes, in­tercooler lines, coolant circuit lines and fuel supply lines
  • Pipe diameters between 4 and 152.4 mm; ­also available as welded con­struc­tions with diameters up to 1,500 mm
  • Band radii up to 1.0/1.5 × D
  • Different steel and stainless-steel qua­li­ties for various applications
  • Thermally resistant surface coating for temperatures up to +650 °C
  • A wide range of flex pipes, expansion joints, clamp and flange con­nec­tions as well as fastening clamps and vibration dampers
  • Fast delivery with excellent terms
Individually designed exhaust pipe with optional thermal insulation


When corresponding loads are applied to engines, the exhaust pipes can quickly reach temperatures of more than 100°C. As engine com­part­ments become in­crea­sing­ly compact, the radiant heat from ex­haust pipes can quickly cause prob­lems for other, more heat-sensitive com­po­nents installed around the engine. On the other hand, newer motors that are already equipped with an emission con­trol system ex-works re­quire cer­tain mi­ni­mum exhaust temperatures in the par­ti­cu­late filter system or the SCR ca­ta­ly­tic converter in order for these com­po­nents to work properly.

For applications that require specific tem­­pe­ra­tur­es, we offer exhaust pipes with permanently installed integral in­su­la­tion. Despite the thinness of the in­su­la­ting material, this in­su­la­tion pre­vents ra­diant heat while at the same time main­tain­ing the necessary exhaust tem­pe­ra­tu­res for the emission con­trol com­po­nents in the exhaust system to work pro­per­ly. The high-strength stain­less-steel film used for the outer lining is wa­ter-, fuel-, oil-, urea- and acid-re­sis­tant.



  • Extremely stable and vibration-resistant integral insulation for per­ma­nent heat insulation of exhaust pipes
  • Can be applied to any pipe shape or design
  • Excellent insulation at temperatures of up to 1,100 °C despite low ma­te­rial thickness
  • Waterproof
  • Fuel-, oil-, urea- and acid-resistant thanks to the stainless-steel outer li­ning
Individually designed exhaust pipe with fixed integral insulation


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