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- The TEHAG Group -

The TEHAG Group is made up of two le­gal­ly independent companies: TEHAG En­gi­neer­ing AG in Switzerland and TEHAG Deutschland GmbH. The de­cen­tra­lis­ed cor­­po­rate structure allows us to maintain close personal relationships with our cus­to­mers while taking into account the special conditions in different coun­­tries and for different areas of use.

Having grown together with the Euro­pean market, today we offer pro­ducts – from silencers to particulate filters and SCR systems, right through to complete exhaust systems – for a wide va­rie­ty of different applications. This enables us to design and to provide our customers with suitable exhaust systems that are tailored to their needs for nearly any type of vehicle or machinery, both as ori­gi­nal equipment and for retrofitting.

When it comes to the development of new vehicles and machinery, we have proven our competence as a trustworthy partner by working on a wide range of projects with various mechanical en­gi­neer­ing companies and vehicle ma­nu­­fac­tu­rers.

We manufacture the majority of the com­po­nents used in our exhaust treat­ment systems ourselves at our two production facilities in Germany and Switzerland. Furthermore, our long-term partnerships with a variety of suppliers ensure that we can procure strategically vital purchased parts at short notice. The high per­cen­­tage of components ma­nu­fac­tur­ed in-house and our close relationships with our suppliers guarantees that we can manu­fac­ture and deliver exhaust sys­­tems to our cus­to­mers quickly, capably and on time.


Despite considerable strides forward in the development of alternative drive tech­no­logy, diesel engines remain the most efficient mobile drive so­lu­tion for a large number of applications. We want to make it possible to continue using this tech­no­logy in the future in both existing and new­ly purchased machinery, ve­hic­les and stationary systems while also complying with emission limits, which are becoming increasingly re­stric­tive around the world.


First and foremost, we see ourselves as consultants. With a great deal of spe­ci­a­list expertise acquired over 25 years in the industry, we offer qua­li­fied support when it comes to choosing the best available technology for your application.


We know what were doing, and we are happy to use this knowledge to support our customers. At the same time, we are not looking to make a fast buck; rather, we are dedicated to building long-term partnerships


Here are some of the most important milestones in our company history:

TEHAG company history 1991 - 2018


TEHAG Company history


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