Areas of application for exhaust after-treatment systems

Excellent performance for practically any application at any location

Our products are as effective as they are versatile. Here is an over­view of the ma­ny areas of application in which our pro­ducts are used.

The high-quality materials and the du­rable design that go into our par­ti­cu­late filter systems make it possible for them to be installed and operated on any type of con­struc­tion machinery. Even ma­chi­nes that are exposed to a great deal of strain due to their use in de­manding areas of application, such as demolition work, mining and tun­nel con­struc­tion among many others, pose no challenge to our filtersper­for­mance and stability.

Particulate filter and SCR system for construction machinery
Particulate filter and SCR system for railway vehicles

The versatility of our exhaust after-treat­ment sys­tems also allows them to be us­ed on nearly eve­ry type of railway ve­hic­le. The par­ti­cu­late filter sys­tems’ mo­du­lar con­struc­tion means that we can de­­sign filter systems suitable for any engine si­ze. Furthermore, our sys­tems are so com­pact they can be used even in con­fi­ned engine compartments even so­lu­ti­ons that involve multiple particulate fil­ter modules.


Thanks to our innovative products, we can of­fer ef­­­fi­­­ci­­ent solutions for exhaust treat­ment for ship propulsion engines as well as an­cil­la­ry com­­po­­nents, as long as they meet the few conditions that exist for problem-free operation. In particular, the use of low-sulphur fuels is extremely important in order to ensure that ex­haust treat­­ment systems work pro­perly over the long term.


Particulate filter and SCR system for ships
Particulate filter and SCR system for CHP plants

Decentralised electricity and heat pro­duc­tion with combined heat and po­wer plants has grown significantly over the past few years. The wide range of dif­fer­ent fuels that are used in these plants re­sult in a variety of different and, in part, increasingly com­plex re­qui­re­ments for emission reduction in the plants’ ex­haust.


We offer efficient exhaust treatment sys­tems for everything from small con­struc­tion site power ge­ne­ra­­tors to larger sys­tems in con­tainers, emergency power systems or emergency power ge­ne­ra­tors. The high percentage of com­po­nents we manufacture in-house allows us to of­fer solutions for engines with power ra­tings ran­ging from 20 kW to multiple MW.

Particulate filter and SCR system for generators
Particulate filter and SCR system for lorries and buses

We offer you a wide range of exhaust cleaning systems for re­tro­fit­ting lorries and bu­ses. We can offer you particulate filters as well as our T-blue NOx Re­duc­tion Sys­tem as stand-alone solutions or in com­­­bination with op­ti­mi­sed exhaust treat­ment sys­tems. In this re­gard, our CWF Particulate Filter System is certified in accordance with Appendix XXVII of the German Road Traffic Licensing Re­gu­la­tion (StVZO).

We also offer a range of exhaust treat­ment systems for diesel-po­wer­ed in­dus­tri­al trucks. Special particulate fil­ters with active re­ge­ne­ration are often used for the­se types of applications when the ex­haust temperatures are re­la­ti­ve­ly low.
We offer solutions for forklifts, container stackers, reach stackers, strad­dle car­riers, platform transporters, cargo loa­ders, telescopic handlers, slag trans­por­ters and other special vehicles.


Particulate filter and SCR system for industrial vehicles
Particulate filter and SCR system for agricultural vehicles

We offer a variety of particulate filter sys­tems and our T-blue NOx Reduction Sys­tem for the equipment of agricultural ve­hicles such as tractors, haulers, har­ves­ters, and sowing machines, as well as for municipal vehicles such as dust­carts, street swee­pers, lawn­mo­w­ers, and other maintenance vehicles. We can provide you with par­ticulate filters with active or passive regeneration for nearly any area of application.

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