Particulate ­filters and SCR systems for railway vehicles

Practice-proven after-treatment of exhaust gases by TEHAG

The versatility of our exhaust after-treat­ment systems also allows them to be us­ed on nearly every type of railway ve­hi­cle. The par­ti­cu­late filter systems’ mo­du­lar con­struc­tion means that we can de­sign filter systems suitable for any en­gine size.

Furthermore, our systems are so com­pact they can be used even in con­fi­ned engine compartments
even solutions that involve mul­ti­ple particulate filter mo­du­les. Our designers draw on a wealth of ex­­­­­pe­rience gained from count­less successful projects in a variety of in­dus­tries and applications.

TEHAG Particulate filters and scr-systems for railway vehicles - Reference 1
TEHAG Particulate filters and scr-systems for railway vehicles - Reference 2

The durable construction and optimal re­ge­ne­ra­tive capacity of our particulate fil­ter systems make them extremely va­lu­able, especially when it comes to railway vehicles.

Mechanical stress due to shunting im­pact, rail unevenness or track con­struc­tion ap­pli­ca­tions are no problem for our particulate filter systems. They allow for optimal idling times, long main­te­nance in­tervals, and are quick and easy to main­tain, even when used in ap­pli­cations with track-bound vehicles.

Naturally, all exhaust treatment systems that are designed and ma­nu­fac­tured by TE­HAG comply with stringent approval criteria.

This means, for example, that all of our particulate filter systems are tes­ted in ac­­cor­dance with the specifications laid out by the VERT® Association, comply with the Swiss LRV directive, and have, in part, received general operating permits from the German Fe­de­ral Mo­tor Transport Au­thority.

TEHAG Particulate filters and scr-systems for railway vehicles - Reference 3

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