Particulate filters and SCR systems for CHP plants

Practice-proven after-treatment of exhaust gases by TEHAG

TEHAG / Particulate filters and SCR systems for CHP plants - Reference 1

Decentralised electricity and heat pro­duc­­tion with combined heat and power plants has grown significantly over the past few years. The wide range of dif­fe­rent fuels that are used in these plants re­sult in a variety of different and, in part, increasingly complex re­qui­re­ments for emission reduction in the plants’ ex­haust.

When diesel, biodiesel or plant-based oils are used, both par­ti­cu­la­te matter and gaseous pollutants such as hy­dro­car­­bons (HC), car­bon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) must be sus­tain­ably re­duced.

When natural gases are used, slippage of uncombusted gas must al­so be taken in­to account along with the after-treat­ment of ni­tro­gen oxides (NO). The topic of me­tha­ne slip as well as the treat­ment of form­al­de­hyde (CH2O) emissions when biogases, landfill gases or gases from se­wage treatment plants are burnt are also important in this field.

Not least due to the tightening of the thres­­hold values of TA-Luft, but also as a result of regional thres­hold value re­­qui­re­­ments, multi-stage exhaust treat­ment systems are necessary to ensure safe ope­­­­ra­­tion of combined heat and power plants.

TEHAG / Particulate filters and SCR systems for CHP plants - Reference 1

With our wide range of products, TEHAG can effectively reduce all pollutant groups found in the exhaust from CHP plants so that you are gua­ran­teed to re­main under the required thresholds. Through a combination of particulate fil­ters, SCR systems and specially coated catalytic con­ver­ters, we can significantly reduce particulate matter as well as ga­se­ous pollutants – at times, even be­low the limit of detection.

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