PTL filter monitoring

Constant function monitoring of particulate filter systems


  • Connection to the On-board system: 12–35 V DC
  • Measurement range PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE: 0–400 mbar / 0–800 °C
  • Measurement interval / memory interval default: 1 second / 10 secon­ds
  • Alarm value setting: Pro­gram­mable via software
  • Memory module/Data logger: Circular, non-volatile memory as well as non de­le­te­able alarm value memory
  • Memory capacity: 1 Mio. data records (date/time/temperature/pres­sure ­read­out)
  • Record start: Exhaust ­tem­­pe­ra­ture > 100 °C or revs signal


The PTL filter monitoring is especially de­ve­lo­ped for constant functi­on mo­ni­tor­ing of diesel par­ti­culate ­fil­ter­ sys­­te­ms.

The elec­tro­nical device measures the ex­haust tem­pe­ra­ture as well as the back pressure ahead of the fil­ter. To suit each vehicle type and effort, additional a mea­sur­ing probe for recording the num­ber of revolutions can be connected. By the default option the displaying of the ope­ra­ting states take place via a three-tone LED, which is installed in the cock­pit of the vehicle or rather engine. Possible mal­func­tions as well as the load status of the par­ti­culate fil­ter are able to be re­co­gni­zed im­me­dia­te­ly and can be eli­mi­na­ted by the dri­ver if ne­ces­sa­ry.

According to customer requests, the PTL filter monitoring is able to be equipped with further display screens. Under "Op­tions" below, you can find closer details. As standard feature the device is equip­ped with an memory mo­dule which re­cords all measured operating data (tem­pe­ra­tu­re, back pressure, revs, alarm­ in­dicator) in freely selectable inter­val­s. The whole elec­tro­nic is built-in an IP 65, alu­minium die-cast housing­, and there­fore suitable for an assembly in the en­gine compartment or external un­de­ve­lo­ped land.


  • Digi­tal­ device for clearly display tem­pe­ra­ture and backpressure (On and offroad variation)
  • Acous­ti­c signal
  • Auto­ma­ti­c switching off in case of over­range the prepared alarm­ value
  • Elek­tro­ni­c control for increasing the ex­haust ­tem­pe­ra­ture (dependent on ap­pli­ca­tion)
  • Data ca­ble and soft­ware „Ser­vice ­Pro­gram PTL“ for readout the memory and to pro­gram­ the system
  • Data remote access via mobil­phone or PC
PTL filter monitoring from TEHAG


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