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Dear Tehag Partner,


With great dismay we received the information that on 27.10.2020 there was a serious traffic accident in which members of our team were involved. It is still incomprehensible to us that one of our colleagues died in this accident. Suddenly and unexpectedly, we lose a highly competent employee, a friendly colleague; a great guy.


Another colleague, who was also in the vehicle, is currently in hospital, but fortunately his life is not in danger.


On behalf of the entire Tehag team, we would like to ask for your understanding in case we are not able to provide the usual service in the near future. In addition to the high emotional burden for each of us, we are now practically lacking the manpower of two colleagues.


Bernhard and Florian Franken with teams



Effects also for work processes at Tehag

Dear Tehag Partner,


in many parts of the world, the corona pandemic has made it necessary to take drastic measures to dam up the rapid spread of the virus. These measures are now having an increasing impact on our social coexistence and economic activity. The cuts have been felt by all of us and at the same time it is not yet possible to predict how far the consequences will affect us, both in terms of their intensity and in terms of time.


We cannot escape these diverse and far-reaching influences in our company either. As in almost all companies, we are also moved by the need to find the right level of employee protection and the ability to act. There is no doubt that the protection of our employees has the highest priority. At the same time, of course, we want to and must also make our contribution to keeping the economy running within the bounds of possibility. Obviously, we are currently concerned with the maintenance of supply chains for our  customers, as well as the adherence to maintenance schedules and assembly deadlines.


The multitude of external and internal influences, which are subject to changes almost every hour  also force us to "drive on sight". In our opinion, it would be highly dubious and irresponsible to speak of trouble-free and uninfluenced operation under these conditions. Should there be any impairment of our cooperation in the next few days and expected weeks, we ask for your understanding at this point. You may be sure that we will do our utmost to be available for you in the usual manner and to meet the agreed deadlines.


Even though we also enable a part of our team to work from home, we can guarantee continuous availability under the known central telephone numbers during normal business hours. In addition, you will of course be able to reach us increasingly under the mobile numbers and by e-mail in the coming period.


We hope that together we will be able to get through these difficult times in the usual cooperative and familiar manner. Combined with the hope that the economic consequences will remain manageable for all of us, we wish you and your teams above all to remain healthy.


With best regards,


Your management


Bernhard and Florian Franken with teams




April 8–12 2019 – bauma in Munich

The TEHAG Group participated again this year in the bauma trade fair in Munich with great success. From 08th to 14th April we pre­sented ourselves at the world's largest construction machinery fair with our own stand. The response was once again re­mark­able.

We were visited by interested parties, new customers and long-stan­ding partners from all Tehag business areas. The diversity of the audience was once again im­pres­sive. We had concrete dis­cus­sions about planned retrofitting of construction ma­chi­nery with TEHAG particulate filters as well as about long-term projects in the course of the conversion to the upcoming exhaust emission stan­dard Euro Stage V. The participants were very impressed by the variety of the visitors. Our individual sup­port in the assembly of exhaust pipes as well as their insulation and connection was par­ticularly appreciated. The first talks are already taking shape.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many visitors to our stand for the interesting discussions. We would also like to thank our colleagues and employees for their commitment. Last but not least, our thanks also go to the organisation of the trade fair.




Additional visitors at the TEHAG booth.

21 December 2018  TEHAG-Team Switzerland and Germany

We wish all TEHAG customers a Merry Christmas and a 'Happy New Year'!

In this context our whole team would like to thank you very much for the good cooperation in 2018!

Also in the future we will be committed with heart and mind, all our ability and knowledge, for a clean environment, for the well-being of all people.

Your TEHAG team



06 September 2018  SMM in Hamburg

High attendance for TEHAG at their booth at the SMM in Hamburg. On 06.09.2018 a delegation of the CDU Arbeitskreis Küste under the leadership of chairman Oliver Grundmann visited the TEHAG booth. The delegation was also accompanied by Mr. Enark Ferle­mann, parl. State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Florian Franken, Managing Director of Tehag Deutschland GmbH, welcomed the high-ranking delegation and introduced TEHAG and its business units to the interested audience.

As expected, the members of the Bundestag and Landtag par­lia­men­tary groups were very interested in the topic of reducing pol­lu­tants in ship exhaust gases.

In addition to the possibilities of exhaust gas purification of diesel exhaust gases with soot particle filters and SCR systems, the pos­si­bi­li­ties of exhaust gas aftertreatment of pollutants from LNG en­gi­nes were briefly presented.

CDU working grpup as visitors at the TEHAG booth
Additional visitors at the TEHAG booth.

Despite the tight schedule, there were many questions about the technical possibilities of exhaust aftertreatment and about the va­rious experiences Tehag had gained from the large number of re­tro­fit projects already implemented.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ferlemann, the State Secretary, Mr. Grundmann and the other members of the de­legation for their visit and their interest. Last but not least, our thanks also go to the organisation team for this visit.



If so, please call us or send us an email! Our competent team will be there to assist you throughout.