AWF-h Parti­cu­late Filter System

Active regeneration through diesel­ injection


  • Versatile and practical particulate filter system
  • Automatic regeneration when counter­pres­sure values are reached
  • Regeneration is independent of the ma­chine application, which eli­mi­na­tes downtime
  • Minimal fuel consumption (approxi­ma­tely 0.2 litres per regeneration)
  • Very little space required both for ori­gi­nal equipment and retrofitting
  • LRV conformity, VERT® tested and TRGS 554-compliant
  • Retrofitting subsidised by BG Bau (DE)
  • A reduction in particulate matter of > 99 %
  • Controlled monitoring of exhaust tem­pe­ra­tu­res and counterpressure
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Regeneration without fuel additives or other, additional operating ma­te­rials


The »Active Wall-Flow HC-dosing« (AWF h) ) Particulate Filter System is a solution for vehicles and machinery that require low load profiles due to their areas of application and in which the exhaust temperatures repeatedly drop below the critical limits for purely passive regeneration. Depending on the vehicle or machinery application, the system au­tomatically starts regeneration of the particulate filter when the coun­ter­pres­sure exceeds a freely programmable value. During regeneration, the diesel is injected into the exhaust gas, which increases the temperature in the filter to around 600 °C. At these temperatures, the carbon contained in the filtered particulate matter reacts with the residual oxygen in the exhaust. This allows regeneration to work independently from the vehicle/machinery application, effectively eliminating downtime.

This makes the AWF-h Particulate Filter the perfect technical solution for original equipment as well as for retrofitting of commercial vehicles, con­struc­tion machinery, rail vehicles, ship engines and stationary engines with regularly occurring application-based phases in the lower load range.


TEHAG / AWF-h Funktionsschema

  1    CPU

  2    Diesel line
  3    Diesel particulate filter
  4    Temperature 1
  5    Temperature 2
  6    Backpressure
  7    Injection
  8    Oxidation catalyst
  9    Throtteling valve (optional)

10    Generator




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