Particulate­ filters and SCR systems for generators and emergency power systems

Practice-proven after-treatment of exhaust gases by TEHAG

TEHAG / Particulate filters and SCR systems for generators and emergency power systems - Reference 1

We offer efficient exhaust treatment sys­tems for everything from small con­struc­tion site power generators to lar­ger sys­tems in con­tainers, emergency power systems or emergency power ge­ne­ra­tors.

The high percentage of components we manufacture in-house al­lows us to offer solutions for engines with power ratings ranging from 20 kW to multiple MW.

Our wide range of products with a va­rie­ty of particulate filter sys­tems with both active and passive regeneration, as well as our T-blue NOx Reduction System and oxidation catalytic converters allow us to choose the perfect exhaust treat­ment com­po­nents for practically any ap­pli­­ca­­tion.

With more than 25 years of experience, we are able to meet re­qui­re­ments for generator operation on construction si­tes with the low­­­est possible emissions while also complying with the threshold values of TA Luft for the operation of stationary emergency power systems and generators.

Particulate filters and SCR systems for generators and emergency power systems by TEHAG - Reference 2

Naturally, all exhaust treatment systems that are designed and manufactured by TEHAG comply with stringent approval criteria. This means, for example, that all TEHAG particulate filter systems are tes­ted in accordance with the spe­ci­fi­ca­tions laid out by the VERT® Association, com­ply with the Swiss LRV directive, and have, in part, received general operating permits from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority.

By using our soot particle filter systems, not only particle reduction but also gaseous pollutants such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are reduced up to the detection limit. Thus, legal regulations of TA Luft and TRGS 554 can also be achieved and complied with in older existing plants.

When you combine a TEHAG particulate filter system with a T-blue NOx Reduction System, you can sustainably reduce all legally regulated emis­sion groups found in diesel exhaust.


Not least due to the restructuring of TA Luft and the introduction of regional clean-air plans, the renewal of operating licences for engine test benches is be­­­co­­m­ing in­crea­sin­gly dependent on com­pli­ance with the corresponding emission limits for particulate matter (PM), carbon mo­no­xide (CO), hy­dro­­car­­­bons (HC), and nitrogen oxides (NOx). These regulations affect not only new projects, but also exis­ting engine test benches.

Luckily, we offer efficient exhaust treat­ment systems for these applications that allow you to comply with emission limits and regional clean air re­­qui­­re­­ments. Our particulate filters and our T-blue NOx Re­duc­tion System are ideal for equipping engine test benches. Our success speaks for itself: we have successfully completed count­less pro­jects in this area over the past few years.

We also offer you a variety of catalytic converters for the reduction of CO, HC and NOx during operation of petrol and diesel motors, as well as slip catalysts to minimise gas slip.

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